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Welcome all players, coaches, volunteers, umpires, parents, sponsors and supporters of Northwestern Little League.

The purpose of this site is to help facilitate communication among all members of Northwestern Little League by providing you with useful and timely information.

Northwestern Little League Boundary Map

Fall Ball Registration is open





Fall ball registration is now open! What's different about fall ball?

1. NO BOUNDARIES - your friends from school & your cousin from across town can all register to play at NLL for fall ball.

2. Moving up a division next spring? Great! It's up to you if you want to play at the same level you played all spring, or you can try the next level on for size and get a feel for what next spring will bring!

3. Games one day a week for 6 weeks! We know once school starts it's harder to have weekday games, and Saturday's are for rocket football and soccer, etc., that's why we play on Sunday double headers at 1 & 3:00 p.m.

4. Some coaches will offer practices leading up to the start of the season but practices are not mandatory, we just want to give the kids an additional opportunity to play baseball & softball.

5. Most games will be played at either Northern Little League, Northeastern Little League, Northwestern Little League, or Northview Little League. To accommodate schedule needs, we will occasionally schedule games at Western Little League and Lowell Little League, but for the most part games will be held within a 10 mile radius of your home field.


Season kicks off Sunday, August 27th and runs through October 7th 

(no games Labor Day weekend)



Click HERE to register for Fall Ball!



The North Four (N4) Fall League is a co-op between little leagues located on the north end of Grand Rapids.

Northern Little League

Northeastern Little League

Northview Little League

Northwestern Little League

North Four



by posted 07/13/2017
Proper Field Raking


Please take the time to watch this very important video on field raking and dragging. We spent a lot of money getting the fields fixed this year and want it to last. It will last longer with proper raking. Thank you for your time and help.

by Jeremy Kelly posted 05/26/2015
Michigan Sports Concussion Law

A concussion is a brain injury, caused by a blow, bump or jolt to the head that can have serious consequences. It can occur in any sport or recreational activity.

Michigan was the 39th U.S. state to enact a law that regulates sports concussions and return to athletic activity.  The law went into full effect on June 30th, 2013.

The sports concussion legislation requires all coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to complete a concussion awareness on-line training program.

The organizing entity must provide educational materials on the signs/symptoms and consequences of concussions to each youth athlete and their parents/guardians and obtain a signed statement acknowledging receipt of the information for the organizing entity to keep on record.

The law also requires immediate removal of an athlete from physical participation in an athletic activity who is suspected of sustaining a concussion. The student athlete must then receive written clearance from an appropriate health professional before he or she can return to physical activity.

by Laura Baillod posted 11/25/2013
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